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Snell Laboratory is proud to be a charter board member of the PrimeCare O&P Network, a rapidly growing orthotics and prosthetics network established in 1997. PrimeCare O&P, a Limited Liability Corporation, is an alliance of independent orthotic and prosthetic facilities, with member facilities throughout the U.S., which together provide coverage to this region.

Snell Laboratory was instrumental in developing the concept and pulling together the nucleus for PrimeCare O&P, whose member companies share resources, experience, and ideas among their practitioners and professionals, resulting in better patient care and improved overall service.

By combining the market coverage and strategic strengths of multiple organizations, each PrimeCare member also enjoys the benefits of enhanced negotiating power with suppliers, expanded geographic overage, and shared insights, experience and materials.

The Demand for Rehab Care
As a healthcare option, rehabilitative O&P care is becoming increasingly attractive to providers and insurers as well as patients, as today ’s skyrocketing costs and managed care programs create a stronger demand for cost containment. Recent figures available from the American Orthotic & Prosthetic Association indicate that each $1 spent on rehabilitation saves $11 which would be required for alternative methods and responses.

As national demographics shift rapidly, placing baby boomers in the older, at-risk generation, experts forecast greater demand for the O&P treatment of disease and disabilities. As patients age they become more vulnerable to peripheral vascular disease, diabetes and related amputations, paralysis, deformity, or orthopedic impairments.

The Role of PrimeCare
These factors create an environment, which nurtures the formation of rehabilitative
healthcare alliances such as PrimeCare O&P, which can offer a more cost-effective and
patient-friendly answer to the treatment needs of physically challenged individuals.
To insurers and healthcare facilities, PrimeCare offers a greater choice of O&P service
providers available to their patients and customers, and also offers bilingual service to
Spanish-speaking patients and professionals. For more information about the services of
PrimeCare O&P, call 1-888-388-5243, or visit the website:

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